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About PVA Tri-State Chapter

Mission Statement

Oregon Paralyzed Veterans of America (OPVA), incorporated in 1976 and Changed the name in 2022 to Paralyzed Veterans of America Tri-State Chapter better represent our territory,(Oregon, Idaho & SW Washington) Tri-State is a chapter of Paralyzed Veterans of America. PVA Tri-State  serves the needs of its Members – U.S. military veterans with spinal cord injury or disease (SCI/D) – and helps them enjoy the highest possible quality of life. PVA Tri-State, Members, Associate Members, Family Members, Volunteers, and allied organizations work to provide leadership and advocacy in

  •       Improving health care and SCI/D research and education
  •       Protecting veterans rights and benefits
  •       Improving awareness of disability rights
  •       Offering sports and health-promotion activities
  •       Increasing accessibility and removing architectural barriers in Oregon, Southwest Washington, and Idaho.

A 501(c)(3) charity, OPVA relies on grants and donations from members of the public.

Chapter History

The Paralyzed Veterans of America is a veterans’ service organization in the United States of America, founded in 1946. The organization holds 34 chapters and 69 National Service Offices in the United States and Puerto Rico. It is based in Washington D. C.

The Chapter of the State of Oregon was certified by PVA on July 19, 1976 however until November 5, 1976, the Department of Commerce Corporation Division certified the incorporation.

In 2022 the National PVA Board of Directors Voted to change the name of the Oregon Chapter to PVA Tri-State Chapter to better represent the area of coverage this chapter serves.

Officers, Board Members and Directors


Larry Gardner
Bill Gray
Vice President
Dennis Hooper
Carolyn Hamstreet Shores
Tom Hurt
Executive Director

National Director

Bill Gray

National Service Officer



Steve Bergseng
Bend District

Dennis Hooper
Southern Oregon

Don Wyatt
Idaho District


Paulsen Connie D.

Chambers Jeff L.
Hall Scott A.
McKinney Edward J.
Jespersen Linda L.
Hostetler Douglas L.
Wilmot John E.
Thomas Glenn
Johnston Richard W.
Dean Terry B.
Thomas Glenn
Cooper Gary E.
Rivelli Patrick S.
Mullett Michael J.
Leithauser Frank P.
Baugh Rita L.
Russo William C.
Fortner Jeffery D.
Von Allmen Fritz
Medlock Jarlin E.

Peddicord David A.
Williams Steven R.
Griffith Carl D.
Gilliland Gregory
Facer Virginia M.
Tucker Gary L.
Catlin Scott B.
Cline Jonathan W.
Shear Kathryn E.
O'Donnell Gary
Blair Richard W.
Herron Steven R.
Cohen-Huntley Melinda L.
Olson John W.
Stokes George P.
McAlvager Michael C.

Wagoner Albert
Pike Gordon D.
Parsons Peter E.
Robinson Roger
Wunn Corwin L.
Parker Frederick (Dave)
Stadamire Hoise
McLain Ervin R.
Weare Tom E.
Johnson Michael O.
Magee David L.
Montague Charles F.
Landis David A.
Feringa Charles R.
Hall Lee D.
Caldwell John A.
Hendricks Jerry
Redditt Randle K.







Suprenant David N.
Westling Dennis K.
Ackerman Darrel N.
Hagberg Timothy L.
Jabson John (Jay) J.
Steinle Rick L.
Lexow Matthew G.
Geer Gerald E.
Hamstreet Shores Carolyn