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Donated Items

At This Time Due to COVID-19 we have Suspended our Donation Program

OPVA has many items that have been donated to us for the purpose of giving to someone who needs it. Check with us before you purchase. All these items are given out FREE of charge.

If you or someone you know needs one of these items, please call 503-362-7998

Items Vary depending on what we have at the Time.

All Items are "As Is"

No Warranty

Quickie IRIS


  • Rotates-in-space around the occupant’s center-of-gravity
  • Provides up to 60° tilt for removing pressure
  • Low seat-to-floor height for users who foot propel
  • Cable free foot release tilt actuator

The Quickie® IRIS™ SE (Intelligent Rotation In Space) features a rotational design that is based on the idea of rotating the seat frame around the user’s center-of-gravity. Unlike system that incorporate a fixed pivot-point, dual pivot-point, or linear element, the Quickie­® IRIS­™’s rotational system has a smooth and controlled rotation

Manual Wheelchairs

Shower Chairs

Hoyer Hydraulic Patient Lifter



Commode Chairs

All Items are "As Is"

No Warranty


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